Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette

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Though we often think of gentlemen's clubs Barcelona simply as a way to let go and have fun a way to let our wild side's loose—there are actually a few general guidelines you should follow in order to ensure that you have as good of a time as you possible can. This includes making sure that you and everyone you meet are as comfortable as possible. Though at times it may be tempting to give into primal impulses or lose control at a gentlemen's club, making sure to stay in perfect control of your behavior and actions, especially when dealing with the female entertainers, makes the night better for you and for her. If you've never gone to a gentlemen's club or you don't go frequently you may be unaware of some of these rules. But, don't worry! We'll tell you what you need to know in order to enjoy your night without any drawbacks! Following the simple advice below is simple!

1. Respect the Girls
This is by far one of the most important things you should do when you go to the club. It's an unfortunate reality that many people look down on strippers because of the nature of their profession. First and foremost, you should be completely aware that these women are working professionals who have chosen their jobs. This means, they do not need you to be disrespectful or look down on them for what they are doing. Instead, make sure that you try to treat them with as much respect as possible: remember, they do not have to serve you. Furthermore, you don't know how many customers have looked down on them before, so it's always nice to try and be a more positive customer for them. Think about it this way: you wouldn't want a customer at your job to be disrespectful to you, would you? The same logic applies here.

2. Don't Ask for More
This goes under the same idea of respecting the girls. By this, we mean, don't ask the girls to do things they are uncomfortable doing. Remember: they are not there to have sex with you. Do not offer to have sex with them. Chances are, most of them will not have sex with you no matter how much money you offer. Doing so is insulting and demeaning, so you should avoid it at all costs.
Keep in mind that these women are professional entertainers and dancers, but that does not mean that they have sex easily. Many of these women are students and mothers who are looking to make extra money, not looking for a way to find sex.

3. Don't Be Pushy
Always respect her decision. When she says no, it means no. Don't be pushy or clingy. Doing so can only make the situation worse, as you can make it uncomfortable for her and awkward for you. You don't want to look like THAT guy, do you? So, if you ask for something and she says no, be sure to listen to her. Don't try to offer her more money so that she will do something she is not willing to do. No means no. And, while you may be disappointed, she is under no obligation to do anything that you want her to do, especially when it's not in her job description. Always bring your best manners into a gentlemen's club so that you can make sure you don't make your entertainer upset or angry.

4. Don't Cross the Line
This one seems obvious, but, unfortunately for many people, boundaries are crossed all too often. It's easy to get a little intoxicated and lose your normal inhibitions. Even though you are in a gentlemen's club, you are not in a brothel, and you have no right to force your will onto someone. Crossing the boundaries goes beyond just begging or pestering a girl to do what you want her to do. Be sure that you never physically expose yourself or touch her in any inappropriate way—i.e. any way that she has not consented to already. Doing so not only can leave her hurt, but also land you in a whole lot of hot water. So, know your boundaries and do not cross them no matter what.

5. Don't Ask for Numbers
Don't try and get their numbers. Even if you really like a girl, you should realize that she will probably never give you her number. If she likes you, there's a possibility she will give it to you, but this would only happen if you became a lot closer than you would from a few dances. Be aware that multiple men probably ask for their numbers every day, so it's standard to hear a rejection. Remember: all of the entertainers are people who have the ability to give you their numbers if they want to, and if they don't offer, they don't want to.

6. Always Be Honest
This one may be a bit of an embarrassing topic, but it is one that needs to be discussed. Because of the nature of the club, it is normal to be a little excited and aroused. And, while your entertainer will certainly expect this, if it goes beyond this, you should let her know. By this, we mean, if you happen to … experience a release, you should make sure that you let her know so that she doesn't make contact with it. Do you get what we mean?

7. Just Be Polite
At the end of the day, just treat your dancer as you would any other professional. Be polite and courteous, but realize that these women are not your lovers. Don't force them to do anything that they don't want to do, and don't try to persuade them into doing it, either. Realize what they are willing to do, and pick up on cues. If they look uncomfortable doing something, be considerate and don't berate them. When it's all said and done, by following these simple guidelines you will have more fun—and so will she.


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